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Project : Designing and Consultancy

At this stage we would like to bring to your notice the procedure we follow to ensure your requirements are met to the best of our ability.

Broadly, the following is the advised course we would recommend for the  design of the project.


1.     Conceptual Design Package

  • The Conceptual Design Package would contain 2 options of spatial layouts for all spaces under consideration, drawn to scale.
  • We would also give you a presentation for deciding the theme of the space.
  • The drawings submitted will be working drawings showing all measurements and changes that might be required to accomplish the design objective.
  • All items that are required from your end to be incorporated in the design should be brought to the notice of the designer prior to commencement of the conceptual design (at the time of measurement of site).
  • Once you confirm from the conceptual design for overall work space , we will proceed to – Final Design Package

2.     Final Design Package

  • Based on approved conceptual layout, designs will be detailed encompassing all aspects of work to be carried out to achieve specific objectives.
  • This will reflect elevations & design details to meet the design requirements.
  • Materials such as fittings, furniture, electrical switch plates, stone / flooring material will be selected at this stage itself to fit the design.
  • Furnishings, light fittings, outsourced furniture is not included at this stage.

3.     Supervision : Project Management

  • Work will be carried out as per designs approved by you.
  • Drawings will be explained by us to the working team wherever required to ensure needs of client is being met.
  • Substantial changes in design during the course of work will be at a minimum additional charge.
  • Simultaneous finishing – for light fittings, outsourced furniture, hardware & furnishings should start half-way through this process

4.     Project Finishing / Turn Key

  • This covers – light fittings, furniture, furnishings, hardware, accessories, art and paint finishes.
  • Art-work, accessories, rugs, lamps, lamp shades, putting up the same are all covered in this stage.


5.     Conceptual Drawing Package

  • Civil Layout Plan
  • Furniture Layout Plan
  • Electrical Layout Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Flooring Plan
  • Plumbing Layout Plan
  • Wall Elevations
  • Furniture Detailing & 3D Drawings.
  • BOQ


6.     Approximately Cost of Turn Key Projects  :




         A+ Tile,Paints-Luxury Emulsion,False ceiling -wood+glass+steel+zypsum,wall paper designing, designing light, (A.C as per client requirement which is exclusive) 1800 – 2500 per sq.ft.
          A Tile,Plastic paint,false ceiling-30%+ceiling light , defuse normal wall light. (A.C as per client requirement which is exclusive) 1600 – 1800 per sq.ft
         B Normal office or resisdence,tile,Paint-OBD Asian / Berger/Nerolac/ ICI,False ceiling- no only normal lights. (A.C as per client requirement which is exclusive) 1200 – 1400 per sq.ft


7.     NOTE:

  • Payments to the vendor & contractor will be handled by the client directly. Supervisors will be provided by our company, if we provide our supervisors then we will charge 20% extra from BOQ and  without providing supervisors we will charge 15% extra from BOQ.
  • Co-coordinating the Designs & Execution of site work will be supervised by us. We will make a maximum of 3 site visits which is inclusive in Designing cost. Extra visit may charge Rs 4000/- per visit according to clients requirements.