Welcome to Arch en design centre : NCR-India, one stop Architects & Construction company.

As founder of Arch en design centre, I am honored to present you a complete source of services for Interior Designing, Engineering and Construction services all supported by our combined experience and proven performance for over ten years.

We offer what few in this field can; hassle-free guaranteed solutions that make sense, the convenience of a one-stop approach in above both services. Our professional designers bring extensive experience and knowledge to the above both industry, which has satisfied all our client’s needs and wishes.

With the two founders to lend the company is assured to touch new heights now and then.

I am confident that you will be satisfied with Arch En Design Centre and our capabilities.

I anticipate that this introduction to our company will help with your decision to proceed with our goal orientated management company.

Arch En Design Centre was established in 2003 with a strong team of Innovators, Conceptualizers, Interior Designers, Architects, Technologists & Project Consultants to create high end & unique projects. This is validated by numerous successful projects worth over 10 Crores in India & many countries around the world.

Arch En Design Centre prides itself in being able to carve a niche for itself in the market and are considered the Top Interior Designers in Delhi/NCR. We are especially renowned for Luxury Home Interiors, Smart Modern Offices, Theme Restaurants, Designer Hotels / Banquets, Futuristic Showrooms and much more. In fact we are one of the only large interior design companies that provide an integrated solution with high quality Interior Designs, technology integrations, international sourcing form China / Italy / Germany, and a transparent working system.

Our Goal

At Arch En Design Centre our goal is to help you design unexplored and appealing space for your home and office. We firmly believe that the interior of a space should reflect the social image, personal ideas and goals of an individual. Therefore, we always strive to translate the vision of our clients into an aesthetic, functional and livable space. Each project that we do bespoke of the company’s deep interest in integrating local influences and cultural values with global trends. Our projects challenge conventional thinking and fuse design sensibility with function: the modern and contemporary with the traditional.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients to make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled under one roof. Our services can be broadly categorized under following headings:

  • Specialized in Turnkey Projects and Building Construction
  • Residential Interior Designing
    1. Living Room
    2. Dining Room
    3. Bedroom
    4. Bathroom
  • Commercial Interior Designing
    1. Offices
    2. Showrooms
    3. Bars -cum- Lounges
    4. Gyms
    5. Sauna and Spas
    6. Hotels/Restaurants
  • Architectural Layouts and Plans
  • HVAC, Electricity and Plumbing Services
  • Space Healing/ Vaastu Shastra / Feng Shui

Company Philosophy

We as a company believe in making a difference in our client’s lifestyle by incorporating modern trends with cultural values. We strive our best to deliver exclusive and incomparable architectural services in the market. Our philosophy can be summed up in the following lines –

We Design With A Difference, and The Difference Starts Here………

Our Team

We are a close-knit team of architects and designers who work together to translate client’s vision into a successful project. Our team consists of individuals who are capable of creating and executing the creative thoughts. The team of Arch En Design Centre comprises of professionals and experts from different areas of architecture and interiors designing like, Interiors Decorators, Architect, Interior Designers, Space Consultants, Technical Experts, Vaastu Shastra/Feng Shui Experts, Site Supervisers and so on.